My Best Friend

Wiltshire Daisy Quilt-4Hi quilty folks!  Just some photos of Logan today.  These were taken after I finished my last project, Wiltshire Daisy Quilt.  He’s the best quilty helper in the world!  He always wants to help me model the quilts and stylize the photo shoot.  He also always wants to lay and roll around on the quilts.

Wiltshire Daisy Quilt-3I love that geeky smile.  Next to him is his “Puppy.”  We’ve had him for 4 years now and he’s only received 1 wash in the washing machine.  He’s seen cleaner and fluffier days.  He goes every where with Logi.
Wiltshire Daisy Quilta-4Just as I was about to take the shot, his head popped up!

Wiltshire Daisy Quilta-3He also likes to try to hold up the quilts for me.  I always tell him these shots are ridiculous.  I can see his little hands.  And even if he hid his little hands, the quilt would look silly just suspended in the air like that, in the middle of a grassy field in the park!

Wiltshire Daisy Quilt-2He said, “there’s good light here, mama.”  He’s been learning quite a bit about photography from me, but even I am still learning every day.  I might get him a real camera soon.  He currently has a Playskool camera but it’s definitely time for an upgrade.  I was thinking of either a low end DSLR or a Polaroid.  I’m sure he would have fun with the instant prints but I know those get costly.  And with the impulse of a 4-year-old… maybe that’s not the best idea.  I’m still thinking about it.

Wiltshire Daisy Quilta-2He does a lot of rolling around in the grass while I’m taking photos of the quilts.

Anyways, I just wanted to be a mom today and post about my kid.  He really is my best friend.  Life is so much sweeter because I have him.  <3

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