Crochet Christmas Beanie

Crochet Santa Hat

Every year around this time, I like to make my Logi crochet beanies to keep his little head warm.  I’ve made so many over the years, I can’t remember them all.  I wish I had this blog from the very beginning so I could’ve documented them all.  The only other beanie I’ve blogged about in the past, was the Minion beanie.  But from now on, I’ll post about every beanie I make.  Promise  :)

I remember how cute Logi looked in his Christmas beanie from 2012 when he was only 2 years old, photo above.  He loved it so much that he wore it through March of the following year!  That made me wanted to make it again for him this year, so I did.

Crochet Santa Beanie

He loves it.  I love it.  What I love most about it though, is when we’re out in public and strangers will comment about how much they like his beanie.  He’ll say, “Thank you, my mama made it for me!”  ***SWOON!***

Crochet Santa Hat

The back is just as cute.  A pom-pom on top for extra cuteness, and ear flaps for extra warmth this cold winter.  It was 39 degrees last night.  I know, I know.  Everywhere else in the country, it’s like 39 degrees BELOW ZERO, and I shouldn’t complain.  But we’re L.A. folks and we panic if the temperature drops below 70 degrees!  So 39 degrees feels pretty extreme!

Crochet Christmas Hat

Thanks for stopping in today!  Hope you’re staying warm!

Susie  :)

Update:  I’ve written up a pattern for this beanie and here’s the link to my post:  Crochet Santa Beanie Pattern

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