Handprint Snowman Ornament

Handmade Snowman Ornament

This little Christmas tree ornament has to be my favorite little handmade craft ever.  EVER!  It’s made with Logan’s handprint – each finger is a snowman!  It’s literally a “handmade” gift!  I absolutely ADORE my Logi’s hands and to have his handprint on an ornament?  AND they’re tiny smiling, scarf-wearing snowmen?!  Oh my goodness!  I… can’t… even… handle… it!  Gahhhhh!

Handprint Christmas Ornament

He made it at school and was so excited to present it to me.  He knows how much I appreciate his handmade gifts.

Handprint Christmas Ornament-2

Handmade Snowman Ornament-3

Handmade Snowman Ornament-2

It’s so cute, but delicate.  I’m already worrying about how to preserve this ornament for years and years to come.  I almost dropped it as I was photographing and even almost pushed the tree over just to save it.  But I did catch it in time without incident!  Whew!

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