Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan

My sweet sister-in-law, Molly, is pregnant and she’s due in June!  It’s a really excited time for all of us, though it is especially exciting for her side of the family, since this will be their first grand child.  (My son stole the title of “first grand child” for our side of the family.)  Molly’s mother has been digging up some precious family heirlooms to hand down to Molly to keep for Baby Kayla.

Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan-8

Among the beautiful treasures that Molly has shared with me were cute little hand-sewn dresses and blankets.  My favorite is this small crochet blanket.  I love how uniform and simple it is with its soft pink trim.  It’s finished off with a delicate picot edging, one of my favorite stitches.  It’s so precious and beautiful.

Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan-3

I was so inspired to make one exactly like it that I stole her blanket and studied every single stitch.  Here is my version in purple.

Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby BlanketHeirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan

I even finished my blanket with a picot edging, my favorite way to finish a crochet blanket.

Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan-4Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan-6

I did make a few changes from the heirloom blanket to my version of it.  My trim isn’t as thick and also the corners aren’t as rounded like that of the heirloom blanket.  I can’t handle wide-rounded corners.  I am OCD and my life needs 90-degree angles in it.  So my blanket is only slightly-rounded with right angles on it and all is well again.

I liked this pattern so much that I’m going to start another crochet blanket tomorrow with different colors.  Photos to be shared soon!

Thanks for stopping in today.  Make it a beautiful day!

Susie  :)

This crochet pattern is now available in my shop – Heirloom Inspired Crochet Baby Afghan Pattern – Soft & Elegant Picot Edging

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