Let’s be friends! | My first blog post!

My first official post!

Hi, I’m Susie!  And I’m a quilt-a-holic…

I love quilting!  I love homemade, handmade quilts, made with love.  Quilting is my happy.  I love rotary cutters, rulers, threads, and fabric!  Oh, fabric, wonderful, sweet, delicious fabric!  And I love fabric shops!  Even more, I love pre-cut fabrics!  It’s such a significant time-saver and I love how perfectly cut each piece of fabric is.  I love how they are neatly bundled together into cute packages.  I just want to stack them and hug them and love them to tiny pieces!  Wait, speaking of tiny pieces…I do not love the tiny pieces of fabric that fall out from these packages.  They are like little fuzzy pieces of dust.  Do you know what I’m talking about?  Is this the fabric equivalent of “hanging chad”?  It drives me crazy to clean it!  When I purchase these precuts, I actually vacuum all 4 sides of each pack to eliminate a lot of it before I untie it.  Is this a crazy habit?  Is this too much information about me?

Well, here’s more info…I’ve just moved into a new apartment and I have allocated my kitchen dining room (as small as it is) to be my crafting/sewing station.

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Sure, it looks plain and boring now, but soon it will look FABULOUS after all the handmade magic happens when I get settled in!

This is my sewing machine –  The Singer Promise II!  Ta-da!

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It’s a little slow and it jams all the time.   It’s also really loud, like it is struggling and sometimes it shakes the entire table when I’m sewing.  Oil leaks and pools into the little drawer underneath that holds extra bobbins and sometimes the oil stains the thread, which stains my quilts.  Despite the few and minor cons, it’s worth the $79 I paid for it.  :-D  Plenty of nice things have been produced with this lovely lady thus far and until I can comfortably afford to upgrade, I’m going to stick it out with her.  With love and patience, we can get through anything!

Also, I’m a happy mom to a little 4-year old boy.  His name is Logan, but I call him Logi.

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He’s currently in preschool for 3 hours a day, which basically means I get 2.5 hours to run errands, grocery shop, cook, clean, and quilt…efficiently.  It’s pretty awesome.  Outside of preschool time, we are in Thai language school (we are Thai), art class, tennis and swim lessons, soccer, soon we’ll have music lessons as well… is it too early to get him a tutor to prep for the SAT’s?  OK, I’m kidding about the last part (maybe).  It’s possible that I may be a little bit Tiger Mom-ish… but I promise you I don’t force him to do any of these things.  Logi thoroughly enjoys all of these classes and I am happy to take him and watch him develop and grow (and take over the world).

I tell ya, I’m so lucky to have him in my life.  It’s the greatest feeling ever.  Like being on top of the world.  I dare say, these are the best days of my life… and it keeps getting better and better every day.


Photo Credit: Candy Krajangsri  (His shirt says, “NO LIMITS, I CAN DO IT”)

kiss 1

Photo Credit: Candy Krajangsri

I would also like you to meet our cat named “Poofy.”

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He enjoys sleeping on my quilts as I’m trying to make them and stepping on my keyboard as I’m trying to blog about it.


He does sleep a lot.  He’s a good cat.About & Intro (1 of 4)

Enough about me!  How about you?  Let’s quilt!


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