New Patchwork Sewing Mat for the Sewing Machine

I’ve been doing a lot of organizing and trying to make the ideal workspace for myself.  I really like the space that I have now.  My favorite thing about it is all the natural sunlight!  It keeps my sewing room bright and cheerful.  I absolutely love my sewing space!

It is time for a new sewing machine mat.  You might be wondering why I need a mat under my sewing machine.  I move my sewing machine around a lot on the table.  Sometimes I push it up against the wall to make space for measuring or writing.  Sometimes I push it to the far edge to make space for my computer.  Whatever the case may be, the fact is that I “push” it, rather than “carry” it.  This sewing machine is like 40 lbs!  I don’t want to carry it if I don’t have to.  And if I didn’t have a mat under it, there would be marks left on my beautiful white table if I tried to push it!  Therefore, I need this sewing mat.

The mat is just simple charm square patchwork from a remaining stack I have left from prior projects.  I love the warm earthy colors.

Patchwork Sewing Mat for Sewing Machine (1 of 6) Patchwork Sewing Mat for Sewing Machine (2 of 6) Patchwork Sewing Mat for Sewing Machine (3 of 6)I used June Tailor’s Quilt Basting Spray to make my “quilt sandwich.”  (I did a review on this product a few months ago.  I like it.  Read my review here.)

Patchwork Sewing Mat for Sewing Machine (4 of 6)Quick and easy… finished in just an hour!

Patchwork Sewing Mat for Sewing Machine (5 of 6) Patchwork Sewing Mat for Sewing Machine (6 of 6)I think my workspace looks better with the new mat.  I love the fabric colors and my little pot of roses adds another feminine touch to the space!

Do you like it?  Do you use a sewing machine mat as well?  Am I the only odd person that constantly moves my sewing machine around on a daily basis?

Thanks for stopping in today to see what’s been happening at Pinwheel Cottage!

Lots of love,

Susie  :)

  • Edie Frasier - I really like your sewing machine mat. Fig Tree Quilts makes some of my favorite fabrics and Strawberry Fields Revisited is a favorite of mine. Love the bright corner window you have.

    Happy Sewing.June 26, 2017 – 5:02 pmReplyCancel

    • Susie - Yes, I agree! I LOVE Strawberry Fields revisited too! I have them in mini-charms and still thinking up ideas on what to make with it! Thanks for visiting my blog today ;-)July 5, 2017 – 7:35 pmReplyCancel

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