Mr. Tesla Cat

This little cat…  He hated me when we first met each other.  He hissed at me.  He would get angry if I just looked at him.  Or even if I just looked in a general direction that he was at.  He would swipe at my face every chance he got.  He would even sit next to door knobs so that he could swipe at my hand when I tried to open the door.  He once kept me from opening the bathroom door after a shower so I just stood there, naked under my towel, trying to figure out how I was going to get out.

Allow me to share a photo of one of our first encounters:


He was for reals.  He hated me.

He actually had gotten me good a few times.  Only one time, he got my face and left scratch marks along my cheek.  My son got it worse.  He got him in the face just 1/2″ from his eyeball!  There’s now a small scar under his eye.  I feel guilty every time I see it.

Fast forward nine months later to today… This cat…he can’t get enough of me!  He always wants me to pet him.  He hangs out in my room all day.  Takes cat naps on my bed.  Follows me around the house.  Sits in the kitchen by my feet while I cook in the kitchen.  He even sits on the chair next to me when I’m sitting in the dining room.  It’s so crazy how he can go from absolutely hating my existence to being so attached to me.

The funniest thing about this cat is that he is my little sewing buddy.  He likes to sit next to the sewing machine when I sew.  He’s so quiet though that sometimes I don’t even realize he’s there until I look up and there are a pair of eyes staring right at me.

Tesla Cat the Creeper Cat v2

This little creeper…

Tesla Cat the Creeper Cat-3

Sometimes he stares from this angle too…

Tesla Cat the Creeper Cat-2

…and sometimes he gets tired of watching me work and just takes a cat nap next to the sewing machine.  He’s a good cat.  I’m glad I didn’t give up on him.

Thanks for stopping in today.  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Susie  :)

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